What’s Up With RH-Negative Blood? Pt. 1

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What’s Up With RH-Negative Blood? Pt. 1

In 1999, while pregnant with my daughter, I found out I was RH-. At that time, I had no idea what that meant. My parents didn’t know what it meant. All my doctor could tell me is that I would need a shot before and after the delivery of my child unless, they found out that my child was RH- too at birth. I was given a card to carry with me after I received my RhoGam shot. Because I was young, I lost my card after just a few months. I was supposed to present this card during the birth of my daughter but totally forgot. The doctor did not tell me or my parents that I or my baby could die because of my blood.

On the day of my delivery, my personal doctor stepped away for lunch when my daughter chose to start crowing. He thought we had hours yet before I would give birth. He was wrong. Caught up in the excitement and pain, it never crossed my mind that the doctor who took my doctors place, would not know about my RH factor. You would think this would be something they highlighted on your chart. Needless to say, I was never given my second shot in all the chaos. My daughter swallowed fluids on her way out and was immediately taken away before I got to see her. All I got was a glimpse of her little head while they cut her umbilical cord and wrapped her up. There were no loud cries like babies normally do. I was given a large dose of Demerol and passed out in total confusion. When I awoke, the nurse told me that we had a major scare. My daughter was quickly fading during her clean up and that was why she could barely cry. My mother later told me she chased after the doctor and nurses and could watch the whole thing through the glass. They held my daughter upside down and repeatedly hit her back with a rubber mallet after giving her a shot. She was then put on oxygen and kept for 7 days under special care. Thank God, she survived the whole ordeal but it was definitely a frightening time.

Almost 18 years ago there wasn’t much information to be found online about the Rh-Negative Factor. I remember trying to talk with different doctors and nurses about it but the most common answer given was, “it’s no big deal. The rhesus factor is just a protein found in our blood. The term is derived due to the first discovery of the protein substance in the blood of Rhesus monkeys. Some have it and some do not.”

If it is no big deal, then why does it cause our bodies to kill our fetuses if we are not given the shot? Why can we only accept blood from others with the RH- factor? In my studies, I found that usually it’s the second child that is at higher risk of death. Yet, I experience issues with my first-born. I had to know more and I wanted to know why I had this blood type. My mother was tested and found out she was A+. I now knew that it must have come from my biological father. I contacted him about the issue and sure enough, he was A- just like me.

I decided to sign up for Ancestory.com and create a family tree. I spoke with family on both my mother’s side and my father’s side. Below is a short break down of my tree.

My Mom’s Dad was European and Native American. His Dad’s father (my great-great grandpa) was from Europe and married a Cherokee Indian woman. My Great Grandpa married a full-blooded 100% Cherokee Indian woman. That made my Grandpa more Cherokee than anything with some European in his blood.

My Mom’s mother’s family was from Yorkshire England. My great grandmothers maiden name was Jagger and my great grandfathers name was Sturdivant from the Coat of Arms. According to Ancestry, they were actually from Nottinghamshire.

This made my mother more European than anything with a good amount of Cherokee blood. Her blood test reveal this as well so it’s not just speculation by looking at the family tree.


My Dad’s father came over from Germany but his ancestors actually show he originated in Lancashire, England.

My Dad’s mother came from Mississippi whose maiden names were all Savage. They were known as Mississippian culture According to blood analysis, they were known as the Muscogee. From that line, I have Creek & Choctaw blood.

So, like a lot of Americans, I am a mixed breed of Native American and European. Over the years, I have actually received letters from both the Cherokee tribe and Creek tribe asking me to join some clubs of theirs. This was actually very disturbing to me because I started getting these letters when I was just a teen. It makes me wonder how they knew of my existence back then. No one in my family ever registered me with any of these groups.

Looking at this chart provided by Wikipedia on RH- population data,  I can only assume my factor came from the “other Europeans” category.

Population data for the Rh D factor and RhD neg allele
Population Rh(D) Neg Rh(D) Pos Rh(D) Neg alleles
Basque people 21–36% 65% ∼ 60%
other Europeans   16%    84% 40%
African-American 7%    93% ∼ 26%
Native Americans 1%    99% ∼ 10%
African descent     1%    99%      3%
Moroccan               40%  60%      3%
Asian                       10%  90%     1%

I could not find anywhere in my family tree where we were related to the Basque People. Why do some of us have this negative factor? With all the technology we have today, you would think Scientist would have it figured out by now. Is it that big of a secret? Conspiracy theorist have all sorts of claims as to what this means. I have read theories that we are Reptilian, Aliens, Descendants of Christ, Nephilim descendants…the list goes on and on. This is what happens when we get no good answers.

I personally think that Scientist just do not know what caused the mutation but it’s best swept under the rug because it ruins their evolution from primate’s theory. I have spent time reading every theory I could with an open mind. RH positive people seem to be the ones who lean more towards us being spawn on Satan or extraterrestrials. Those of us who are negatives tend to lean more towards being descendants of Jesus or some royal bloodline.  Because I choose not to be a narcissist, lol, I like to look at the facts and draw my opinion from there.

  1. In reference to whole of the world’s population, only about 15% lack the rhesus factor. The remaining 85% are Rh positive, making them more favorable. Lacking Rh factor can lead to problems especially in cases where blood transfusion or organ transplant is needed urgently.
  2. People with the Rh negative blood type are more prone to be affected by allergies, especially food allergies. This results in having them being more picky when it comes to food preferences.
  3. Studies show that the 15% of humans who lack the rhesus factor are gifted with natural resistance to HIV, small pox and bubonic plague. By being resistant to these diseases, it means that they are less susceptible to suffer from them as opposed to those with the Rhesus factor.
  4. RH- blood that lacks the D antigen tends to reject it’s own unborn baby especially if the baby is Rhesus positive. It is commonly referred to as ‘hemolytic disease’ or death of the unborn. This is a major disadvantage for people who belongs to the Rh negative blood group.
  5. Rhesus negative people have a greater oxygen capacity thus are more adaptable to higher altitudes like the mountains. This seems to explain a story about a tribe in China who dies when relocate to lower altitudes. Fascinatingly, they do not require the adjustment most would require when moving to higher altitudes.
  6. Generally, there are about 40 – 45% of Europeans who belong to the Rh negative group. There are only about 3% of African people and about 1% of Asian or Native American individuals who belong to the Rh negative group.

Now let’s look at traits found in groups of RH negative’s during studies.

  1. Truth Seekers. A feeling as if there is more to this world then we are told. Always searching for answers.
  2.  A strong sense of having a mission in life or a special purpose.
  3. Strong empathy and compassion.
  4. Special eyes. This could be from birthmarks in eyes, really piercing eyes, rare colored eyes, or having a power to draw attention to your eyes.
  5. Ability to disrupt electronic devices.
  6. Abnormal high or low blood pressure
  7. Sensitivity to heat or cold.
  8. Red tint to hair.
  9. Higher than average IQ
  10. Extremely intuitive and well aware of the spiritual world around us
  11. Vivid dreamers. Prone to having sleep apnea and lucid dreams.

Oddly enough, I can identify with every trait listed. I consider myself a truth seeker. I would much rather read a book or watch a documentary over other types of entertainment. I created my organization because I feel as if I have a mission in life. My entire family jokes with me about being to emphatic. I can always feel when someone is troubled or in pain. Over the years, I have had to harden myself from letting another person’s suffering consume me. When I was younger, I would easily break down in tears if someone told me about their struggles. As sweet as it sounds, it’s actually no fun and at. It made me co-dependent and feel as if I had to rescue everyone in need around me. I have a birth mark in my left eye. People tell me that my eyes are my best feature. I cannot keep a light bulb in my bedroom for very long. My husband can vouch for me when I saw I disrupt radios, TV’s, and other small electronics. I always have high blood pressure and I seem to live just fine with it. If a doctor tries me on blood pressure medicine it makes me worse rather than better. I cannot deal with high heat at all. Makes me miserable and drains my energy. However, if I am home, I’m always wearing a robe. I sleep piled under the blankets with a fan on. I’m a natural medium blonde with red tint. My last IQ test I scored 122. Anyone who personally knows me can vouch for my experiences with the spiritual world. Even being a Bible believing Christian, saved by the blood of Jesus, I have the craziest experiences. I always have since a very young child. I do not have sleep apnea but I do dream vividly every night. My dreams are so strong that sometimes I wake up exhausted. My children and I have had several out-of-body experiences while sleeping.

Before I have you convinced that there is something seriously fishy about RH negatives, how many positive people reading this have the exact same experiences I wonder? My daughter is not RH- negative. However, she has every trait mentioned above. My eldest son is RH- negative like me. He has only a couple of the mentioned traits.

Could it be that our Native American blood has more to do with the traits? Just a thought. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE which is an auto-immune disorder. I also have several issues with my back and stomach. I can’t handle dairy, pork or wheat easily. I had my gallbladder removed at 28. I say that because, I find this article on the RH- registry very interesting. http://www.rhnegativeregistry.com/Ankylosing-Spondylitis-AS-Autoimmune-Disease-HLA.html  If you are Rh-Negative, I suggest you look into it.

I’ll end this blog with saying that at this point, I do not think there is anything highly special about my blood type. I honestly do not know what caused it. I will do a follow-up blog soon about all the famous people including royalty, presidents, and celebs with RH- blood. Is there something behind that or is it a coincidence? Could the traits we seem to have just lead to positions of power for some?

is the Government really watching RH-‘s and having them abducted? Does drinking our blood cure some diseases? These are things I will discuss in part two of this blog.

Research credits to:

10 Rh Negative Blood Type Facts



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