• Is Paypal stealing money from accounts?

    In March of 2016 a client I have worked with for years had issues with her credit card number being stolen. Her financial company quickly came to her rescue disputing all charges they were not familiar with. I had just recently changed my company name which caused some confusion with the client’s financial team. Not realizing who I was, they disputed a months worth of payments from my client to me. The majority of my clients pays me through PayPal and has for well over ten years. I never had a problem with PayPal before so I figured this would be an easy fix when my client and I realized what happened.

    The following day, my client and I called PayPal to explain the issue. PayPal told us what we needed to do to fix the issue. According to the representative, we just needed to fill out some forms, have the credit card company cancel the chargebacks and return the funds to PayPal. PayPal would then return to the funds to me. By March 28th, the credit card company released all the funds to PayPal. My client, her credit card company, her bank, and I made a group call to PayPal. We spoke to a supervisor who admitted PayPal had received the funds back along with the faxes they needed. I was told I would have to wait up to 70 days for the credits to my account. In the meantime, the PayPal supervisor waived all late fee charges on my account.

    I wasn’t happy that I would have to wait 70 days for the issue to be corrected but I understand company policies. After 75 days had passed, only one chargeback was corrected. I called PayPal back spending over an hour on the phone trying to find someone who worked there that understood the issue. In the end, I was told to wait two more weeks and all should be settled. No one at PayPal seemed to know why it was taking longer than normal but assured me they were working on it.

    A little over two weeks went by and one more chargeback was fixed. The two that were released to me were the smallest of all the chargebacks. I called back again this time spending almost two hours on the phone trying to find someone who had an idea of what was going on. A manager of the dispute department finally got on the phone with me. After 20 minutes, she told me she went through each chargeback requesting for immediate release of my funds from PayPal’s back end bank. She said within 4-8 hours my account should be back to normal. Finally! Or so I thought.

    A few days passed and nothing changed within my account. I called PayPal back and went through the motions of being transferred to various departments. I finally got sent to a manager named Tracey just to be told that all the cases were closed and that PayPal ruled in the buyers favor. Supposedly, the funds were returned back to “the buyer”. What?! How can that be when “the buyer” cancelled out the chargebacks and had the funds issued back to PayPal.

    I called my client and the financial team who informed me that the never received the funds back from PayPal either. Documents were provided to me to prove the funds were not returned to them. I logged into my PayPal account to see for myself what the cases say in the resolution center. I was shocked to see that all of the cases had disappeared. My account balance is still in the negative but none of the cases can be found. I did a search all the way back to January of this year but everything is gone. It shows no closed cases or open cases under my account.

    If I don’t have the money and my client does not have the money, then where is it PayPal? Why did you delete all the case information? I did some investigating on this matter to find there are numerous amounts of complaints about the same issue. PayPal has some explaining to do. I have lost all respect for the company. Have you had a similar issue? Feel free to email me. I’d like to know if your issue was resolved.


    • Kitty McCaffery


  • Verification SCAMmers that is going around on Twitter. Beware!

    Friends and supporters that know me know that I am always on the look out for scammers. I can not stand a fraud! Not only do these people take business from PR’s and destroy trust, but they also rob innocent people. Scammers seem to believe they are in the right and it’s not their fault if you fall for their scheme. Well, I believe a thief is a thief no matter how they steal.

    On Jan 12th 2015 I posted the blog, “Are you eligible for social media verification?” Just minutes after I posted the blog to my Twitter and account I did not follow nor did they follow me, tweeted me. The account was @nukofficial who wanted me to know he did not agree with my blog. We followed each other to talk about our disagreement.

    @Nukofficial told me he only disagreed with my opinion that all people who sold verification are scammers. He explained that he has friends who work with Twitter and have known Twitter head for a long time. He said they charge and get people verified in just a couple of hours.

    You all know that I am super weary of suggestions like this. I immediately thought, SCAM. So, I flat-out asked him. He proceeded to tell me of several accounts they had verified. He said he was good friends with @Jack and that they grew up together so he helps them verify people.

    I told him how I have access to verification forms myself and I know that all we can do is submit. However, in the end, it’s Twitter who decides if the person is verified. @Nukofficial agreed but said that’s not a problem for him or his agents because they have direct access and just require a fee.

    At this point, I knew I had to find out if he was telling the truth or running a big scam. The people needed to know! I started investigating a found a handful of people who said @Nukofficial helped them get verified. I also found a good bit of people who claimed @nukofficial scammed them. I know from experience, that people will cry scam if they are denied for verification. It literally just recently happened to a friend of mine who applied for a R&B artist to get verified and when he was denied the artist argued discrimination and fraud. Even if there is no money involved, some people cry scam when things don’t go their way.

    Nevertheless, I studied in psychology how these type of crooked people work. Just like a narcissist they will turn things around mess with the person’s mind they want to scam. They don’t let bad press get to them, they use it in their favor. When I brought up the other people I found on the internet crying scam, @nukofficial and his helpers said just what I expected them to say, “those people are liars. They are just mad because they lost their verification for violating Twitter rules after I got them verified.” His other excuse for the bad reviews was the people never paid and just wanted him to verify them for free but he denied so now they are mad.

    After a long conversation with @Nukofficial who said everything I expected him to say, I emailed his agent at the email provided verifiedagents@gmail.com I spoke with my client who was in need of verification and told him I didn’t know if this was a scam or not but we won’t know till we try it. If @nukofficial was telling the truth then that would be great! If he was lying, we would be able to alert the public and help several people from being scammed.

    Either way, Twitter needed to be aware of the situation. I emailed them to let them know what was going on. The person behind verifiedagents@gmail.com called themselves Jessica Harmon. He/She gave me the phone number 404-491-1192 and told me to send $300 to Shauntay Noel in St Lois. MS via Western Union, MoneyGram or MoneyPak.

    She stated that once the money was collected she would have the account verified in 2 hours no problem. She said she was 100% sure she could verify the account because she knew exactly what was stopping my clients verification from approval.

    The process was like pulling teeth. Western Union would not let me send the payment online or over the phone. Online they wouldn’t tell me why they denied the payment but on the phone they said there was a block on the person’s name I was trying to send to.

    Jennifer’s (if that’s her/his real name) excuse was that they had just received to much money through Western Union this month so there was a hold on sending to them now. Actually that works the other way around. If the sender has sent too much money through Western Union they would put a hold on the sender. Receivers don’t have a limit on how much they can get. That would ruin businesses. Guess what? MoneyGram said the same thing.

    Jennifer claimed they could not use Paypal. Scammers never like to use Paypal. Paypal has excellent customer service and will refund the money if the buyer complains of fraud. That was another typical warning. However, if I didn’t go through with it I couldn’t prove they were in on fraudulent activity.

    I went up to the local store and sent the money via Western Union that way. Since you are signing in writing that you are agreeing to send payment and Western Union is not liable for fraud they allow you to send in person. I alerted @Nukofficial and Jessica that the payment was sent and gave a screen shot of the receipt. About an hour later the money came out of my account and Western Union text me that Shauntay Noels had picked up my money. I called Western Union and asked them how long they keep the proof that the money was picked up in their system and they said about 120 days usually.

    They also keep record of refunds and all payments received to a certain name and drivers licence. Sweet!!

    Jessica text me and told me she would have my client verified in a few hours. No surprise to me, it didn’t happen. The money was sent on Jan 30th at 12:23pm. I let the weekend go by and waited till the following Tuesday to send a text and email. No response.

    I DM’ed @Nukofficial said he didn’t know what was going on. He said he emailed and text them too with no answer. He said he had another guy that could tell him if my client was even “submitted”.

    Days later @Nukofficial Dm’s me to say he’s tried everything to reach Jessica/Shauntay/whoever and got no answer. He tells me, “somebody said she had to go out of town and will be back next week.” That was on Feb 6. 2015

    Saturday the 14th, Valentine’s Day I send an email, text, and DM @Nukofficial. I didn’t get an answer from any of them.

    Still, I didn’t want to yell scam until I had more solid proof. I like to have lot’s of proof before placing any blame. It’s good to always give people the benefit of the doubt.

    Last night, Tuesday Feb, 17 2015 I text and emailed for a final time. I let them know I have alerted Twitter, and several authorities. I told them I would be posting about this scam to help others avoid it. @Nukofficial claims to be Christian and all about faith so I let them know stealing from me was like stealing from God since the majority of my money made from Hollyweb goes to the mission. The money used to pay them was from my client (who helps with the mission) but I wanted to make a point of the damage they do to people. I didn’t curse, I didn’t get mean. I just told them in a matter of fact way.

    Surprisingly, I got a response! “First off I don’t give a damn who you get, second scam? Yeah fcking right show me proof and im not talking about people just talking some bullsht either where is the solid proof we scammed anyone you don’t have it and thrid I spent my money on that sh*t I’m waiting to got mine so until I hear you will hear by and youre bound to get blocked.”

    The second text from them was even more damaging. “Talking about God’s work getting verified on twitter is not God’s work and 300 is a misdemeanor the police cant do sh*t goodbye When I hear you hear no more answering.”

    Unfortunate for them, I do have solid proof. Lot’s of it. During my investigation I asked around to see if anyone else was scammed by them. I posted about it so people could send me whatever they had. I called Western Union, Moneygram, Moneypak and did research online. I have a huge list of claims from other people but those are just claims. The best evidence is from the other people like me who kept their receipts showing they paid and did not receive their promised verification. As far as the excuse that all these people were at once verified but all just happened to lose their verification can also be proven false. Just more lies to try to cover their scamming tracks.

    A couple of weeks ago @Nukofficial and @FameusReddGOE claimed his agents/friends could verify in just a couple of hours with no problem. They didn’t have to submit or nothing. No forms, they just had the power to verify. Now, all of a sudden this agent/friend is claiming they paid to get verified too and are waiting just like my client.

    Notice in @Nukofficial’s DM he said his other guy would find out if my clients verification was even “submitted”. Apparently, they are used to people coming back threatening to call the police on them for scamming because they knew $300 was just a misdemeanor and they were not scared. In another text he/she says, “It’s all talk. You have no proof either it’s all talk the cops can do nothing.”

    I was expecting retaliation but I wasn’t expecting them to flat-out admit that they scammed me and could careless because a misdemeanor is nothing to them IF they get caught.

    Here are some websites I found with other people complaining on being scammed by them. Notice the person who defends @Nukofficial on these sites talks to same way this Jessica Harmon/Shauntay Noel spoke to me. On almost all sites where someone post compaining about @Nukofficial’s scamming, someone will come back and say it’s not true and the claim was posted by Delorean Johnson & John Krispy. I don’t know these people but from what I read there was some suit between Nuk and these people. Now, these scammers use that fight from like, two years ago as their excuse for anyone and everyone that calls them out on their fraud. Sorry but all the celebs that sent me their invoices, emails, and DM’s from @Nukofficial and his gang do not know anything about Nuk’s past. All they know is they were scammed.



    https://twitter.com/nukscam <– I wanna talk to these people.

    From all these emails and transactions I found or received, the scamming dates back to 2012. Emails used are Royalmusicworldwide@gmail.com, verifiedagents@gmail.com, nukofficial@gmail.com or Cheapverify@gmail.com. I’m sure there is others. If @Nukofficial tries to say he is not associated with these scammers other than sending them business, look at this:


    They will try to use the excuse that all proof is just photo-shopped by angry people. Here’s the link to where I found it.  https://plus.google.com/108147025939073814002/posts/SXJx4HgW53Q

    Below is a gallery of interesting stuff anyone with doubt needs to look at:



    Due to the privacy of others that sent me their proof I will not post or share it. However, I am collecting a much evidence as possible to file a case. If you were scammed by this group or they even tried to scam you please contact me at Kitty@HollywebOnline.com Of course actually following through with the scam is awful but even attempting to scam is bad enough. Thanks so much in advance to all that help me put an end to this fraud.

    Kitty McCaffery