• Inspired by the amazing people in my life…

    I’ll start out by saying, I LOVE my job! I’ve always been a people person and enjoy helping people make their dreams come true. Working in the entertainment industry as a publicist and talent manager is a perfect job for me. I am really blessed to work with some of the most talented people in the industry. Unfortunately, because I work with people around the globe, I don’t always get to meet them in person. Sometimes its years before I meet with clients that live far away. However, this past week I got to meet with four of my clients in Los Angeles. Yay! I was only there for six days and everyone was busy so my time was limited with some. Even still, I could not have been happier with the clients I was able to meet.

    w81qW1N9_400x400I’ll start with Carlos Villalobos Jr. www.AlistarRecords.com This guy is brilliant! Of course I knew that before physically meeting him but after spending time with him it was undeniable that he oozes creativity. He is super witty, hilarious, and down to Earth. Carlos already could retire and be proud of everything he’s done in his life. He has loads of success under his belt but he is not the type of person to slow down. This extraordinary man will do great things! Follow him via Twitter @Loslobosjr and on Instagram @CVMusic to learn more about him.

    nm3165970Next, is my friend Oliver Trevena. He is just a remarkable man. At a young age he’s an entrepreneur that still takes time to help fight human trafficking and stand behind various causes. Despite all his success he hasn’t let it go to his head. His humble and endearing personality makes him very relatable. Exactly the type of person I love to work with. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes 🙂 www.OliverTrevena.com

    12369197_794152057395452_2053264181003922221_nOscar Manuel Ponce is not so much my client as he is my partner with both my organization and McCaffery Media Group. I have loved working with him for almost two years now. Oscar is the type of guy that always has kind words. Whenever things get stressful I can depend on him to send some positivity my way. I hope I do the same for him. When I got to meet up with him he was tired from his flight and had two concerts to perform at that very evening. Even so, he took time to go to lunch with me and chat. He is one of the most dependable people in my life and I am so blessed to have him as a partner. I honestly can’t say enough good things about him. www.OscarPonceOfficial.com

    11138108_886420084783282_2765028600288348167_nLast, is the amazing Jordan W. Clark. I saved him for last because I got to spend more time with him then the others. Jordan is a model, professional gamer, impressionist and actor. He’s really multi-talented and could very well excel in any career path he chose. He can sing and play guitar. He’s a fitness trainer & mentor. I can’t think of much he can’t do. With his ongoing positive outlook and optimism, he’s the type of person you would want to be your best friend. It’s impossible to be around him for any amount of time and not get inspired and motivated. The majority of people who know me are aware of my battle with Lupus SLE and the toll the treatments took on my body. 2015 was literally one of the worse years of my life. I spent a huge amount of time in and out of the hospital or doctors offices. I feel like I was used as a guinea pig as doctors tried to find medicines to help me. Within 6 months I put on 50 lbs from the stress, fatigue, and medications. I became secluded and extremely depressed. At times, I thought about throwing in the towel and giving up on my hopes and dreams. For the first time in my life I was insecure with myself and didn’t want to even look in the mirror. I heard Jordan’s story before when I first started working for him but at the time things were just starting to go down hill with my health. It wasn’t until I hit the lowest of low that I really let his story sink in and inspire me to make a change. First thing I had to do was get off all the medications the doctors were overloading me on. By Feb 2016 that was done. Then, I asked Jordan to be my trainer/instructor. Within a couple weeks I was already down 10 lbs and feeling like a brand new woman. In case I had any doubt that I couldn’t do it, Jordan reassured me during our time together that I can. It’s a mindset. I have to learn to love myself again and set goals. I have to cut out as much negativity in my life as I can and don’t let anyone stand in the ways of my dreams. It’s funny, because these are things I tell people I help but for some reason I never applied them to myself. Until Jordan that is. Years ago before and a little after becoming a Mommy I modeled like Jordan does now. I met some of the most self centered nasty hearted vain people you can imagine. I still deal with that today working in this industry. Jordan is not like your typical model. He constantly reminds himself of what helped make him who he is today. He’s very grateful to those who helped him get thus far and keeps a humble heart. THAT makes him an all around wonderful person. I watched as he helped the homeless in L.A. He wasn’t putting on a show for cameras or trying to impress anyone. He really has a kind heart and loves helping people. I pray he always remains this way because I believe it’s his key to making a global impact and becoming a huge success. JordawClark.com @JordanWClark on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat & Musical.ly

    Needless to say I had a lovely trip that will stay with me forever and taught me a lot. Once again, I am so blessed to work with these incredible people.


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    This Sunday, March 20, 2016 I will be speaking with Host Author John L Brown Co-Host Jacquie Allen better Know as “MS JAI”. We will be discussing my organization R.I.S.E. & Stand’s domestic violence awareness program known as “Love IS Family.” I invite you to listen if you have ever dealt with domestic abuse or know someone who does. Call in and speak with us at # 607-203-5336 3pm PST 5pm CST 6pm EST.

    Talk with you soon!

    Kitty McCaffery

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  • The Attack on Christianity is Indisputable and Growing


    There is no doubt that there have always been people who despised Christianity. I love the U.S.A and until recently, we have all been free to have our opinion about religion. We had freedom to believe and worship whomever and however we want. Yes, we have always had friction between religions. Mainly because it is hard to understand how others can believe the things they do but we managed. How many people reading this remember your parents or grandparents telling you something like, “That is their belief and they have all right to believe that way. You just leave them alone and they will leave you alone.” Most likely, you have had a visit from a Jehovah’s Witness and know they can be a little pushy. Still, you could choose to shut your door and continue your day unharmed or invite them in to talk. Maybe you were out shopping one day and someone handed you a tract with the salvation plan on it. You could choose to read it or throw it away. Have you ever walked down the street and heard a preacher standing on the corner shouting out verses from the Bible? If so, you had a choice to listen or keep walking.

    None of those situations caused you any physical harm. If you are an unbeliever, they may have caused you moments of annoyance but still no harm. These people were exercising their freedom and you had the choice how to handle it.

    A true unbeliever would be no more annoyed by one of these incidences as they would by being stuck in traffic or having a song they hate playing on their favorite radio station.

    Mature man shouting, clenching fists

    Then you have the bitter people. For whatever reason, something in their life has them really angry towards God and bitter. These people know what the Bible says. They know about the 10 Commandments, and the comfort believing in Christ gives people. Usually, these people are angry at God for various reasons. The most common complaint I hear is, “If there is a loving God who created everything then why does he allow innocent children and animals starve and die.” I also hear, “If there is a God then where was he when…”

    If a bitter person allows you to talk to them long enough, you will typically find out that they feel like they were abandoned at one point in time by God. Maybe a family member they love is battling cancer or a spouse cheated on them after they worked so hard on their marriage.

    These people have hate in their heart towards anything Godly and seek to destroy Christianity.

    Let’s not forget the overly educated Scientist, Historian or Politician. These types of people have seen the world and it has made the bitter.  Let me tell you it’s one thing to see starving kids, natural disasters, and wars on TV but if you ever see them in reality it can shake your faith. Pick up some history books and read about the slaughters that took place in God’s name. There have been more deaths in the name of God and Christianity than any other reason including money. Why? Is it because there is no God? Is it because God just doesn’t care about us? It’s less painful to think that there must be no God than to think there is and he is just allowing so many awful things to take place.

    Questions I am asked by well educated people is, why are there so many people killing in God’s name? Why are there so many hypocritical Christians? If that is how God’s people act, than why would anyone want to believe there is a God. If that’s the way his followers should act than who in their right mind would want to be a follower?

    Satan has used these very questions and Christian hypocrisy to keep people from turning to God since the beginning of time.

    All these questions tend to push people into believing there must be a better explanation. A loving Creator that watches over us all and hears our prayers must be a myth. That’s where ideas like, The Big Bang Theory are born. Believing in a “theory” like that takes lots of faith too but it’s much easier to think things happened in some accidental way. You can’t expect too much from soulless humans that were once monkeys so, that explains the poor barbaric behavior of some.

    Romans 1:22 KJV Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

    If you have ever studied Darwin’s theory of evolution you will quickly see how foolish it is. Unbelievers talk about how many holes there are in The Bible but actually with proper long term study you can find the answers. You can’t say that about Darwin’s publishing but that is because they are still working on getting the answers…

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not against science. I love discovering new things about animals. Without science we wouldn’t have medicine. We wouldn’t know how our bodies work. Science is VERY important. It’s just not the answer to everything no matter how bad some want to believe it.

    Before I get too far off track, I’ll just explain I mentioned these types of people because they are the ones trying to destroy Christianity. Whatever has happened to them or whatever they saw has made them completely intolerant to Christians. Recently, I spoke to a couple Atheists that lived a rather charmed life. They really had nothing against God if there was one but their father was incredibly bitter and raised them to be non-believers. I won’t tell you what happened to the man but it was serious enough for him to denounce his faith and raise his kids up hating Christians.

    This man wrote a couple books about the blindness & idiocy of Christians and created a petition to have a church removed out of his neighborhood. The church bells and giant cross offended him. After learning more and more about the man I realized the church offended him because he was full of guilt and pure bitterness. It took a good month of letting the man put my beliefs down, allowing him to vent, and listening to him cry before he started to see himself that he was angry at God. Refreshing his mind with some Bible verses and just being a comfort to him changed him. He knew he wasn’t alone and someone cared. He wasn’t being judged for his behavior, he was loved despite his behavior. I understood his grief but I feared for his children. Deep down he did too and finally just two weeks ago he let the bitterness go. The Bible shows us how some great men hated Christians thousands of years ago just like today. These men killed Christians for their beliefs. God loved the men anyway, changed them, forgave them, and was able to use them. This man I just told you about was never as bad as Paul in the New Testament but he still caused people to turn against God. He fueled the bitterness of others and now he will spend the rest of his life trying to fix the mistakes he made. Even still, God forgave him and loves him. I believe that with all my heart.


    Everyone’s story won’t end that way. I am not so gullible to believe that everyone unbeliever that reads this will realize God exist and give their life to him. Some people have made up their mind and no one is going to change it. God gave every human free will to believe what they want and he won’t force himself upon anyone. I believe the more someone pushes him away the harder it is for them to turn back, especially if you dedicated your life to disproving his existence.

    Now we have established what causes people to be so hostile towards Christians. Hopefully, Christians can be more understanding when they see someone bashing what they believe in. But, should we sit back and let these people destroy all we believe in? No. When has it ever been right to let someone pitching a fit get away with a tantrum? That is exactly what these Agnostic Liberals are doing. They are pitching a fit out of anger and the people are giving into them. Every since we allowed one woman to throw a fit and get the Bible removed from schools, thousands have followed in her footsteps. All it takes these days is to declare that something offends you, give a little manipulating speech, and have a couple celebrities to back it up and walah they get their way!

    One reason why it is so easy to do is because Christians are too scared to stand up for themselves. Why? Is it because Christians have no backbone? No, it’s because of how the Atheist Liberals manipulate and deceive the people. For instance, let’s use the issue of the Confederate flag. Everyone who knows me knows where I stand on the issue. I will not allow a Liberal to label me. Other Christians might not be as strong. Do you see how the media and leaders immediately labeled anyone who disagreed with removing the flag a racist? White Christians with black friends were terrified to speak out and take a stand because they didn’t want their friends to think they were racist.

    Social experiments and offline surveys have proved repeatedly that people ages 13-30 will jump on any bandwagon that makes them look cool. If it’s trendy and the majority of the crowd is for it then that’s the route they will take. We are a nation of sheep and it’s only getting worse. I could go into way more detail about how American people are manipulated and deceived but that’s a whole other blog.

    15_03_15-metro17-pic2This issue has got so bad that Terrorist organizations like ISIS are destroying Christian communities and relics around the world and in the U.S.  You may know how they are brutally murdering all Christians they find in Syria and Iraq. It’s been going on for years but the Obama administration has done little to stop it. If he won’t step in to end the intolerance and violence in those countries what makes people think he cares about the more subtle acts taking place here?

    Just how bad is the attack of Christianity here in America? Here are some examples how our religious freedom have been stripped from us;

    1. Here in Florida, we had a Christian ministry that for over 31 years delivered free food to needy families. In 2013, a new state government worker stuck their nose in and told the ministry they would no longer receive USDA food unless they removed pictures of Christ, the 10 commandments, banners that say “Jesus is Lord”, and refrain from handing out Bibles. The government totally violated their religious freedom and discriminated against them.
    2. The IRS targeted Christian organizations like the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Out of the blue, the IRS said they had reason to review their tax returns and wasted valuable time and money to find out nothing was wrong.
    3. Two men in California were arrested for just reading their Bible outside a department of motor vehicles office. The judge found the men not guilty of any offenses but the men were humiliated and their time and money wasted. Unbelievable.
    4. A bakery that refused to make a cake for a gay wedding was recently fined 135,000 for discrimination and humiliated for months by the media for their beliefs.
    5. Orange county schools in Florida decided they would allow students to bring their Bibles to school for reading material but since they were doing that they had full right to teach the students Satanism. They even went as far as creating work books for the students that taught them how to become Satanist.
    6. Several men and women in our military have got in big trouble for reading their Bibles or praying. It has made news that one Sergeant was severely punished for just saying he opposed against gay marriage. Look up Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk if you haven’t heard the story.
    7. The Government now requires churches that do baptisms in lakes or rivers to get a permit 48 hours in advance before any baptisms. Pastors are not allowed to speak out against gay marriage in most places or the church can be shut down for discrimination and hate speech. Most churches have to get a permit to serve food at special services.
    8. A professor at Florida Atlantic University told all the kids in his class to stomp on the face of Jesus. One boy refused and would have been punished if the media didn’t step in and shine light on the issue. Most disgustingly, the professor did not lose his job for the harassment or the act of discrimination.
    9.  Two students were suspended for praying over their lunch and “offending” other children around them.
    10. Several schools changed the pledge of Allegiance from “one nation under God” to “one nation under Allah” and threaten to suspend any children that didn’t participate.

    mockeryThese are just some recent examples anyone can look up on Google news. The attack is real people and it’s much worse than you think. Right now, in my county a woman is trying to ban the use of crosses at memorials or graveyards. It’s unbelievable! Christians are forced to be tolerant of everyone else’s beliefs but they do not have to be tolerant of ours. People can mock Jesus, mock God’s word, and say awful things about Christians with no fear of punishment. A christian says one thing a liberal doesn’t like and they are labeled a hater and discriminator.

    Why do you think that is? I believe it’s the bitterness, anger, and lack of morality. They have allowed the prince of this world to take over with a vengeance. I am talking about Satan. He has America and the world right where he wants it. One day you will stand before the Lord and look at him face to face. It may be sooner than you think. I am not talking to the unbelievers here; I’m talking to the Christians. Will you look at God knowing you did the best you could and went out fighting for him? How many of us will look at him completely ashamed of ourselves because we sat back quietly as Christianity was destroyed?

    2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    If you are reading this and you have a heart full of bitterness and need someone to talk to, please email me at me@kittymccaffery.com

    If you have questions that you would like me answer, please email me. If you want to know how to become a child of the Lord’s or just know for sure that you are, please email me.

    Love You All,

    Kitty McCaffery

    Note: I will be publishing a blog soon about the different types of Christian beliefs. People from other countries and most Atheist I speak to think that all Christians believe the same way. This is far from true so, I will be breaking down the different beliefs in a new blog.

  • How Cyber-Bullying Changed My Life Forever



    Since 2001, I have helped celebrities & public figures track down their stalkers and/or online bullies. Cyber-stalking and harassment has been an issue even before social sites. When I first started, the most I had to protect my clients from was crazies attacking them through email or message boards. Law enforcement really had no idea how to handle online threats back then so it was up to people like me to find out who was doing the harassing and make them stop. Typically, a celebrity would contact me telling me their story and what they knew of their attacker if anything. I would then screen shot and save all evidence I could find. Then, I would began to track down the location of the person who was stalking/harassing and get them banned from the place they were using to attack. Last, I would give the celebrity a file with all the information I collected on the stalker so the celeb could get help from their lawyer.

    I was super successful in tracking down over 150 stalkers within the first 5 years. Online investigating was the number one top service requested through Hollyweb Online. As social sites grew, my work load tripled from celebrities in desperate need of help. Cyber-stalking and cyber=-harassment was growing rapidly since most websites allowed them to create accounts anonymously. As the online threats grew, so did the stalkers knowledge. It got harder and harder to track down these criminals or force them to stop. Social sites were not helping by allowing heavy amounts of bullying/stalking to take place before they considered it a threat.

    If a stalker was out to get you and ruin your life, they could very easily and get away with it. For instance, Twitter’s TOS states that you can not tweet someone’s private or personal info on their site. BUT, you can go and pay for a background check on someone and then share that information in a tweet. Twitter allows that because the info came from another site and was just shared on their website. In their eyes, it’s just public information. They don’t care how the person obtained the information; the fact that they were able to get it makes it public info to them.

    It is frightening to know that someone could post your phone number and address on a social site and there is nothing you can do to get it removed. I will share even more examples of how unprotected social site users are later in this blog. My point is stalkers/bullies have found ways around social site’s terms of service which makes my job super hard these days.

    Ten years ago, if a bully called you some awful names and made any kind of threat towards you, I could easily get their IP banned. I use to be able to call Internet Service Providers and show them what their user was doing. The ISP had the right to discontinue their service. That actually happened on a few occasions. If harassment was taking place on popular websites, all I had to do was show the owner proof and they would ban the user. Simple as that. Just a few years ago it was still that way for celebrities at least. If a verified celebrity was under attack, all I really had to do was report the bully and he/she was taken care of. Regular Joe’s weren’t so lucky. Unless the social site saw a real threat towards a user they would not help them. People were becoming so frustrated because their safety and reputation was threatened. The most common answer given when you report a bully is “We are sorry you are experiencing this issue. Please block the account. If harassment continues, please contact law enforcement.”

    Well anyone who has ever dealt with cyber-harassment knows that just blocking the bully doesn’t work. Contacting law enforcement is just as useless unless the bully has threatened you with physical harm. You are left with only one option and that’s a civil lawsuit. Sure, that is great for celebrities that have the money to take crazies to court but the average Joe doesn’t have that luxury.

    Therefore, cyber-harassment continues to grow getting worse and worse. I found myself helping my celebrity clients more with these cyber issues than any other service I offered. In my free time, I was teaching a Kings Kids class and mentoring teens at local shelters and groups. My KK students were between the ages of 4-10. The teens I worked with were 13-19. The one thing these children, teens, and celebrity clients had in common was bullies. I heard about bullying all day during work and then during class or volunteering. I also have four children of my own and 2 step sons so I heard all about school bullies when at home. Bullies Bullies Bullies. To me it seemed like this was some kind of epidemic. Sure, there have always been bullies but the problem was escalating and out of control.


    The Beginning

    I was talking to a friend about this one day when she suggested we launch an anti-bullying website together. She and I both were mentors and both of us were studying psychology. We both had online investigation skills and went to several seminars to educate ourselves. By the way, I still regularly attend various seminars and classes as the online world progresses. A lot of brainstorming, help from my kids, and wisdom from my Nana, we created an organization called Bullies Keep Out on March 20, 2013. The purpose of our organization was to give people of all ages a place of solace to go and get support. It was great for the first couple months but we had numerous issues with my friend living in New York and myself living in Florida. Plus, I was limited to what services I could provide. I wanted to do so much more than just raise awareness about bullying. I was also dealing with major health issues at the time which turned out to be chronic lupus. I was diagnosed this year. During one of my hospital visits I met an old friend of mine named Shannon. She was fighting breast cancer but determined she would do as much good in the world as she could. She and I became very close in a short amount of time. My Nana, who is now in Heaven, told us we should start up our own organization that deals with bullying but focuses on ending all forms of hate? Shannon already volunteered at animal shelters, old folk’s homes, and women shelters. I was good at starting up small businesses and handling all the technical details. Together, we were a pretty good team. Quickly, we found out that just the two of us couldn’t do it all. Not if we really wanted to make a difference. I brought in a couple volunteers to help and Shannon brought in a handful of women she trusted. Within just a couple weeks we were up and running.

    Shannon named the organization No More Victims on November 4, 2013. Shannon would continue her volunteer work and I would put together events and programs. I purchased a special permit that allowed me to house several dogs and cats without getting in trouble. We turned my 2 acres of land into a small shelter. Since Shannon and I were spending so much time building up the organization, we put the volunteers head over social media and emails. We were so naive and overflowing with happiness we never imagined what was to come. It’s also important that I add I was hired to help start up a few other organizations during this time. One of those organizations was S.A.F.E. Stop Abusive Family Environments. I will talk more about them shortly.


    The New Client


    On April 11, 2013 my celebrity friend told me about a celebrity friend of hers that was in desperate need of help. I don’t want to name the celebrity because there will be several readers that had no idea this took place and I am not trying to promote the issue. Those of you who were involved or around when this entire thing went down will know who I am talking about. I am going to call her Mojo. Matter of fact, I will change names to all parties involved. Mojo emailed me and told me what was happening to her. It was awful and no women or celebrity should have to go through that. She had a scary obsessed stalker that had me really worried when I saw everything she sent me. She hired me that same day and I got to work immediately dropping everything else.

    April 14, 2013 the job was finished. Mojo was super relieved and very grateful. Since it was once of my best friends that sent Mojo to me I charged 10% of what I usually charge. I also guaranteed that if her stalker became a problem again I would stop him in his tracks no charge. I was blown away when Mojo paid me full price despite my offer. That never happens lol. Usually, a client tries to talk you down on the price. I decided then that Mojo was an awesome woman and I would do my best to help her whenever she needed it.

    Right away, Mojo hired me again. Like most celebrities that engage with fans on a regular basis she had a good handful of stalkers. This particular stalker was a woman and it took me no time to make her back off. April 17, 2013 she was no longer an issue and Mojo was able to breathe easily.

    I handled a few small threats free of charge and kept the initial stalker at bay. He tried rearing his ugly head a couple times after but eventually went away for good. I stayed super alert during this time making sure both major stalkers kept their distance. It was a full time job because I monitored all Mojo’s online accounts looking for anything suspicious or threatening. On May 7, 2013, Mojo sent her friend Ted to me for help. He was dealing with a super stalker out to ruin his reputation. A couple days later Mojo referred another friend to me we will call Rayna Byson.

    I told Mojo I was going to bring in a partner to help with her friends cases because her stuff alone was a time consuming job. I also had my company Hollyweb Online that I was running. She said that was fine with her. She was just so happy with all that I done for her, she was telling everyone to come to me for help.

    I gave both new cases over to Dana from BKO and helped a little when I could. Later, after Dana felt like she did all that she could for Ted, I noticed that several of the accounts Mojo reported to me were friends of Ted’s stalker. It is not uncommon for stalkers to attack the friends of the person they are targeting. Mojo was taking a lot of from Ted’s stalker and friends. One of them we will call Bonnie was awful to both Ted and Mojo. Grown men and women were creating troll accounts with names like queenturd, catfishqueen, turdlicker, and more that are so bad I can’t mention. No, this wasn’t teenagers either. I am talking about adults 30 and over.

    Mojo was very supportive of my idea to branch off Bullies Keep Out and open No More Victims. When the website and social sites launched in late Nov. 2013, Mojo promoted the sites on her social accounts.

    Instantly, our organization was flooded with emails from people needing help with a cyber-stalker or bully. My home was turned into a cyber station as we tried to listen to everyone’s story. Most of the team was work at home Moms which made it easier for us to get together and work. The downfall of having many people answering emails was we couldn’t tell if people’s stories were related. As a new case came in, a new volunteer were take it on and do her best to help. Most the time, we focused on our own cases and didn’t go to each other for help unless we were just stumped on what to do. I was usually the one who handed out the cases so no one person had too much on their plate. There was no way we could have known that a group of women emailing us for help was all from the same online fight.

    On June 13th 2013 just a short time after I was hired by Mojo she was put in the limelight for making a few jokes about Leann Rimes. I don’t know if you know this but Leann Rimes has some crazy brutal fans. Mojo gained several new followers on Twitter who just wanted to attack her for her comments. Mojo made some more comments over the months about Housewives shows and reality TV. By the time NMV was launched there was an enormous amount of fights taken place on Twitter over Leann Rimes & realty TV shows. This is very important to note because when Mojo innocently promoted us we were swarmed with her fans and haters that needed help. (For those who know who I am talking about just Google her name with Leann’s)

    The first ten emails we got were women seeking help from online stalkers/bullies attacking them on and offline over Leann Rimes or Housewives shows. I am serious as a heart attack. There were woman posting nasty Photoshop pictures of peoples kids, people were posting addresses and phone numbers of others with threats. Anything that these bullies could use to shame each other, they were using. If that wasn’t bad enough they were calling peoples work trying to get them fired. I can’t even tell you all the immature idiocy I witnessed. I don’t think Mojo even knew the half of what was going on around her.

    It wasn’t till a few months after things began to die down that I went back through all the emails or organization received and noticed that 95% of the people who emailed us were part of this Mojo fan or hater crowd.

    We did the best we could do by speaking to all parties involved to hear there side. We tried to give support and be mediation between the parties. Honestly, it was beyond on us. Most of the people involved didn’t want to stop fighting. They just wanted an organization to take their side or they were hoping we would help them fight.

    The most common request we received was, “Can you please get this account banned?” I signed up with Facebook & Twitters partner portal. Not only was it to get their help with these cases but also to help my Hollyweb clients with verification and impersonation.


    The Case That Started It All


    On 1/13/2014 Mojo asked me to help out a fan of hers that was the target of online harassment after trying to help Mojo make T-shirts for Mojo’s charity. Mojo told me this fan offered to make her charities T-shirts free and design them. Mojo said she had all the proof via email that the designs of the shirts belonged to them. However, for some reason she didn’t quite understand another clothing company stole her fans design and was selling Mojo’s T-shirts for profit. The T-shirts were created to look like Mojo’s book. I saw no reason why another clothing company would steal the designs and sell them. No matter what the reason behind it was, the awful harassing tweet from the company to Mojo’s fan was unnecessary. Any civilized business owner would just take the matter before a court and let a judge decide. You would never see a reputable company bullying, name calling, and harassing another company owner for all their customers to see. Most people would be terrified of losing business if their customers saw their dirty behavior. Not this company! They harassed Mojo’s fan every day publicly and didn’t care what people thought.

    When I was brought on to the case I looked at both the fans account and the clothing companies account. Now I don’t if any tweets were deleted before I was brought in but I do know what I saw that day. At least 20 tweets from the clothing company name-calling and mocking Mojo’s fan. All I saw from the fan was a couple tweets begging them to stop.

    I was outraged by the behavior I acted out of emotion and tweeted directly to them asking them to stop the harassment ASAP. I asked them if they would take their issue offline instead of publicly humiliating my client. I was shocked when they tweeted back asking me who I was to confront them and I needed to stop harassing them before they report me. I tweeted them one last tweet which was the definition of harassment since all I said was two things to them and they said I was harassing them. I reported them to Twitter, BBB, and wrote up a report for IC3. I asked all my friends and business partners to report the company as well.

    The story behind the situation was the craziest I think I ever heard. The fan hired the said company to design shirts for her. For a reason I can’t remember the fan returned the shirts and opened a claim against the company. At first, PayPal ruled in the fans favor. Then, the company appealed and showed PayPal how the fan returned T-shirts that were open, worn, and missing jewels. PayPal then ruled in the companies favor. The company claimed the fan still owned them 47.50 so that gave them all rights to the fans designs including the designs for Mojo’s shirts. The company stated to one of our volunteers that a message at the bottom of their emails warns buyers that they will lose all their designs to the company if they owe any money. This is the signature at the bottom of the company’s emails:

    ****All sales are final; payment is due in full prior to production.
    NOTE: Our NORMAL tee is a slim fit/junior fit, if you are concerned about sizing, go up a size. These are all custom pieces made to order, please be sure you have exactly the logo, colors, and sizes and garment before you place order. We do not accept returns on custom pieces. If there is an issue with an item, please contact us by phone or e-mail so it can be resolved. Every item made is photographed and will be displayed on all media, portfolio and catalogs. If you hold a copyright or registration on a logo or art please provide it, otherwise, any version we create is our design and may be used or sold. We stock thousands of pieces and designs so please visit our Facebook page for the most up to date work.
    NEW Designs, expect a 7-14 working day turn-around, stock items may be available same day.

    So does that email signature give the company full legal right to own and sell someone else’s designs? You can find the answer here: https://www.eff.org/wp/clicks-bind-ways-users-agree-online-terms-service

    Either way, selling T-shirts for profit that were to raise money for a charity is ugly. Harassing someone for months on end publicly is ugly. All our organization wanted was the company to stop the humiliating public display but it turned into a huge copyright/trademark battle.

    First of all, this is way above what my organization handles. This is an issue for the courts. The fan claimed she had her small business logo for over three years which qualified her for a common law trademark. Then, in December 2014 she applied for trademark anyways. This was on her logo though, not on Mojo’s T-shirts design, and not on a couple other designs the company stole.

    This entire time I was most concerned about Mojo’s T-shirt designs which I believed was completely copyrighted and Mojo has the proof.

    I did my best to help the fan get her designs back from the company but without legal help it was impossible. The host of the company’s website wouldn’t help and neither would online stores like Etsy because there was no trademark/copyright and that is all they care about for proving ownership.

    Since the company wasn’t worried about getting sued, they weren’t worried about continuing to harass. Mojo hooked me up with an old friend of hers that worked for the FBI. He pretty much just suggested we deal with it if suing was not an option.


    The  Troublemaker


    One of our volunteers named Olivia met a couple Twitter reps on LinkedIn and built up a friendship. During that time Twitter was working on making better safety options on their platform. Olivia got the two reps to help her with some of the worse bullies on Twitter. She told the team all about her new friends during one of our board meetings. We had no reason not to trust her since she was getting several parody accounts and troll accounts removed.

    A volunteer we had at the time named Kate was given a case started by a woman we will call Rose on 1/22/14. (Pay attention to these dates it’s very important in putting the puzzle together) I gave Kate the case because I was working on a new case for Mojo and for another celebrity client at that time. Rose told Kate that she was a fan and supporter of Leann Rimes and one of Leann’s haters was harassing her and her family. She said she knew exactly who was doing it and sent me the woman’s information. Supposedly, this woman created a parody account using Rose’s parents address and pics of their home. She said a woman was caught running the account and disabled her personal account when she was busted. Rose said she already contacted police and spoke to a lawyer to no avail.

    Kate did what she thought was best by trying to calm Rose down and let her know we would do our best. Kate has Olivia send the parody account to her Twitter guys to try and get it shut down ASAP. She told me how awful the situation was but didn’t tell me the name of the account was an address. The parody account was locked up by the time I saw it so I didn’t even see the pics of the house. Not thinking it would be a big deal I tweeted asked all our followers to block and report the account so it would be shut down faster. The main reason I didn’t this would be an issue is because Rose herself have several tweets on her timeline mentioning the account name. Soon after I tweeted, Rose DMed us VERY upset asking us to take down the tweet ASAP and blamed us for sharing her parent’s personal information. She hen accused us of being on her enemy’s side. We told her several times we do not choose sides. We try to resolve the issue in a way that everyone can walk away peacefully.

    She wouldn’t have it though and threatened she was going to report us. Olivia obtained the accounts IP. At first it appeared the account was in CA but then with the help of a tech savvy friend we learned the owner was behind a VPN. The actual IP traced to PA. We also were able to pull the same IP from a tracking link. It was clear to us that the owner of the parody account was in PA where Rose lived. Upon further investigating we were able to track the IP to a family member of Rose’s house. We also found a handful of websites were that IP was used. Each site was linked to that same family member. That is when it occurred to us that Rose had tried to frame the woman in CA by using the VPN. We took that in consideration and the way she spoke to us with hostility when we were trying to help her. Then, we looked at her social media and saw the way she talks to tons of people. Last, we had the woman she framed report which checked out. That is when we decided we would no longer help her and dropped her case. We had to block her because of the hostile way she acted. Keep in mind, we never asked for a dollar. All these cases were free. NMV never charged to help a victim. Our TOS & rules started from day one on our website how we operated and that we had the right to turn down a case at any time if we knew the client was dishonest.

    Rose just so happened to be friends with the woman who was harassing Ted. I don’t believe for one second this is a coincidence. I actually have full reason to believe Rose coming to us was a set up. Ted’s stalker FauxReality knew that I was a part of Bullies Keep Out, the organization that tried to get her to stop harassing Ted. Then, a couple months later she sees Mojo promoting me and my new organization. BKO helped Ted, a guy FauxReality despised and BKO helped Rayna Byson another person FauxReality disliked. My organization was a threat in her eyes because we were on the wrong side. I believe Rose was sent in along with a couple other women to see how we operated and what we could do.


    When It Went From Bad to Worse


    While all this crazy drama was taking place, my partner and friend Shannon went to the hospital for pneumonia and never came out. As I said earlier she was battling breast cancer which made it really hard for her to fight the pneumonia. It was a tragic loss that ripped my heart into. The group of women bullies saw it as weakness and a chance to attack me personally.

    I don’t know if the clothing company reached out to Fauxreality first or vice versa. Either way, they decided to team up and make things worse for the fan, Mojo, others involved and me.

    I chose to ignore most of it because it started out with basic accusations and name calling. The called my organization unprofessional, a scam for money, and said we victimized victims since we refused Rose’s case. The woman Rose tried to frame had a husband with an upsetting past. I think Kate told me something about this when she was working on Rose’s case but honestly it was so hard keeping track of who was who during the time. Anyways, since we dropped Rose’s case, Fauxreality began to tweet and then blog about how we chose the side of a woman who’s husband had a record and therefore we must condone what he was accused of.

    I knew who she FauxReality was from the prior issues so I sent her a tweet from my personal account asking her to stop directing harassment in my way. If you have ever spoke to law enforcement about a cyber bully they will tell you the first thing to do is publicly ask them to stop. That way, if things escalate you can show a judge that you asked them to quit and they refused.

    Since I called her by her name she stated that I tried to intimidate her. Exactly the same type of behavior I got from the clothing company when I asked them to stop publicly harassing. That reminds me how we were taught at seminars that 90% of bullies are narcissist. It’s a shame because narcissistic personalities could actually be used for great good.

    I began to look for another partner for No More Victims and spoke to several of my friends. One thing we all seemed to have in common is we didn’t like name of the organization and we didn’t like all the dark colors Shannon chose before. Long story short, the organization was changed to R.I.S.E. & STAND.

    Everything I did at the time was under a microscope by FauxReality. I was accused of re-designing and changing the name of the organization to cover up all the “awful things” we did. I sat down and spoke to each volunteer to talk about all the changes that were to come and discuss with them any accusations they had against them. For example, Olivia claimed she had Twitter reps helping her directly but I never met or spoke to them. She decided to leave the organization rather then give me the names and contact of the reps. She feared I would go public about them and the guys would lose their job.

    Kate and Alisha left out of fear their children would get brought into all the harassment. This was a common method used among Fauxreality’s friends. They would post photos of the victim’s children to sites known for having pedophiles lurking.

    The harassment only continued to grow worse. Fauxreality dug up an old record of mine that was dropped and sealed. She posted that around trying to humiliate me. She posted records from my ex husband and old records from my husband Chad. I think out of everything I went through the worse was the attack on my daughter Felicity who was 13/14 at the time. My daughters Twitter account was mainly used for her Creepy Pasta role playing group. She used her characters picture has her AVI like all the teens did in the group. Fauxreality obviously not having teens in her home, thought this meant my daughters account was a fake sock account. Since she had so much proof to go on that the account was fake, (sarcasm) she decided to attack her account along with her friends Horsemen of Death, BB King and 1shot1kill. Not only did they call my daughter awful names, they sent her all her Dad’s old mug shots and records. At this time, I had not ever told my baby girl about her biological father’s lifestyle. As far as she knew, he lived in GA and worked on a farm. It still hurts to much to even think about it but let’s just saw she spent some time speaking with a therapist for a few weeks. She is now on anxiety meds. She NEVER had any psychological problems before that time.


    Divide & Conquer Method


    Any notable evil narcissist knows that the best way to take down your enemies is using the old divide and conquer method. Fauxreality deserves a trophy for how many times she has successfully used this method. My organization was down to less than a handful of people after volunteers were released or left scared. I spoke to several lawyers until we finally found one that would take the case with a hefty retainer. No one really had anything to offer, there was so much he said she said, and I was really the only one with a truly valid case. According to the lawyer, everyone else involved possibly had small civil disputes but nothing serious enough for a lawyer to make good money. It’s so sad that it’s come to that in America….

    I went to Mojo and The Fan and told them suing was our last option but I could not afford it on my own so everyone who wanted this to end needs to pitch in. The plan was I would try to retain the lawyer since I had the worse happen to me at that time. Everyone’s problems would be fixed when I sued because I would show the courts all who were involved, use statements, and have people testify. I was quoted 7,000 to get started by a defamation & libel attorney in Tampa.

    I sent all the info to Mojo and she donated 2k off the bat and then sent emails to tons of her friends asking for donations. She re-opened her Twitter which, she had recently shut down due to the bullying, and posted a tweet longer asking fans to help. The TL was just the same email posted on Twitter for all to see. She let it up for a short time and then closed the Twitter again so she could focus on her health. All the stress and drama caused her Lupus to come back with a vengeance. Since I was recently diagnosed with chronic lupus, I can tell you it’s NO FUN. You feel faint, your heart beats out of control, your blood pressure goes up, your usually anemia, and you are fatigued 24/7.

    I put 600.00 on the attorney right away. 400.00 went to filing the case. The other 1000.00 just set in the PayPal till we collected more. The Fan donated 80.00 all together between two payments and a couple others donated 20.00.

    We were still lacking big time but the longer it took us to collect the money the more time we had to gain more evidence. The lawyer was a super kind man that I still talk to today. I think he had a crush on my sister lol because he met with us a few times to go over stuff even without the full retainer paid.

    Before I get a head of myself let me explain what happened during the time I was building up the case for the lawyer. Fauxreality saw Mojo’s TL that was posted and new we were getting a lawyer. She and the clothing company hit The Fan and I even harder. Another blog came out about what a grifter I am and how I lied about so many things. I wrote a public statement answering all her accusations with solid evidence & proof. The lawyer said that was perfectly find to do because then she can see she was wrong and hopefully stop. Wishful thinking.

    My friends and family were getting attacked for sticking up for me and The Fan. Sandra removed her organization off of Twitter. Sandra’s mother owned a charity for 22 years and was going to add S.A.F.E. & Rise & Stand under their 501c3 like an umbrella. Sandra also sold Herbalife on the side for extra income. All of her board members made a pact that if they lost 10 lbs they would donate 100.00 each for the cost of the organizations expenses. They reached the goal around the same time they were approved for the 501c3. They threw a party to celebrate but Fauxreality quickly sucked the joy away from them by stealing a photo off one of the girls Facebook and posting it to Twitter saying the 501c3 was a lie and they were only celebrating weight-loss.

    It’s almost laughable when you think about it all now but when you are actually going through it it’s no laughing matter at all. One day I just had enough. Some silly accusation was made that was so absurd it drove me nuts. I called the lawyer and asked him to figure out what I could do to get things going right away. I owned my own home, two vehicles, and a boat. I would sell or pawn something. He said he needed The Fan to send him copyrights on everything first. Especially, Mojo’s T-shirts designs. I emailed The Fan and found out there was no copyright on the design or any design for that matter. I asked him if we could use the common law trademark thing but he said no. Because PayPal sided with the company and the host all did too he said there was no theft or defamation case. I could still push for harassment but most likely that would get thrown out since The Fan had “reverse bullied” at times. I don’t agree with that but he said that is the way the court would see. I still had a solid case against Fauxreality and her gang if I wanted to pursue just that.

    I told The Fan and Mojo that we did not have a case against the clothing company but I would still do all I can to help. The Fan was pissed at me. She felt like I failed her and wasted her time. She asked for her donation back and I sent it. Mojo asked for half of her 2k back. I still wanted to sue. I still wanted to at least do a harassment suit at that time. I asked Mojo if I could keep the full 2k and she just wouldn’t have to pay me for the last job I finished. I also offered to do some free work. I didn’t care what I had to do I just wanted to be able to put this all to an end. I had already spent so much money and still needed to pay for protection orders, get Twitter subpoenaed and finish paying the lawyer.

    Mojo let me keep the full 2k and asked for a tax invoice which I sent through PayPal. (We didn’t have a 5013c or anything at the time we were still so new.) Then, she went away to deal with her health. She came back for a short time but was immediately attacked. One of Mojo’s fans DMed her and said that I said horrible things about her. She was clearly sent by Fauxsreality’s gang. Mojo believed it though thinking maybe I turned on her for leaving. Out of emotion she said some pretty hurtful things I wont mention about me to the “spy” and she told the “spy” that she couldn’t believe I would back stab her after giving me 8k to get a lawyer.

    Mojo said that when she told the “spy” that she was heart broken and meant that over the period of time I worked for her she estimated she paid me around 8k for my services. She could have hired anyone but she hired me because she loved what I did. I don’t know to this day if she meant to cause me the grief she did but the spy ran straight to Fauxreality and told her what she learned.

    Within days, a new blog came out about how I embezzled 8,000 from Mojo and our relationship ended. There were all sorts of accusations of what could have happened.

    I sent Mojo a total of 6 emails from the time the blog went up till the time I decided to take matters into my own hands. On May 28th 2014 Mojo told me for the last time to quit asking her for any help regarding the harassment. She said she was in the hospital from stepping wrong and falling off a 4 story cliff. She had just been operated on and hurting like hell. She said she just couldn’t handle anything else on her plate.

    Without her help, the lawyer decided he couldn’t take the case. How it all began was too important to the case. He told me how it would all play out if I went before a judge. They would want to know how Fauxreality was introduced into my life, who hired me and why, and most importantly, the feud between mojo’s fans that made me a target as I worked.

    Mojo wasn’t talking to me and neither was her Fan. All I could do I this point was a small civil suit that wasn’t even worth the money spent. I tried my best to put it all behind me for 6 months. Rise & Stand flourished despite the rough start. We grew considerably in a short time. Once in awhile someone would come across Fauxreality’s blogs and it would re-open a fresh wound. In November 2014, I had a very large celebrity supporting Rise & Stand until his publicist found the blogs online. He was worried because the blogs make it look like I stole thousands of dollars from Mojo. I explained everything but his publicist said until that was removed they would have to hold off on joining the board.

    That was enough! I watched during this time as Mojo’s fan turned on me and made a deal with the enemy. That didn’t work of course but till it cut me deep when she did it. Mojo caused a big mess for me and than ran from it. She claims today that she didn’t know what was happening to me but I have 6 emails that prove differently. A handful of the people I tried to help were not there for me when I needed it. That’s fine, my Mom always taught me don’t expect to have the same heart as you do.

    I still had my small lawyers fund so I hired a new one to be there for Rise & Stand when I needed him for anything. He read all the blogs and all the statements I ever wrote and then he looked though all my files. He suggested that I first contact Fauxreality directly and send her all Rise & Stand’s public info. That would answer a ton of her questions. Then, send her whatever proof I had that Mojo did not donate 8,000 to my organization for a lawyer.

    I told him I only had two types of proof. One was emails showing how much she really did donate and the other was invoices. He said remove any personal info and send those. On Nov. 24, 2014 that is exactly what I did with the help of a friend as a witness. I sent two emails I received from Mojo that was sent out to tons of fans for help that showed she donated 2k and we needed a total of 7k. One of the emails was the same one Mojo used as a TwitLonger. Of course I removed her email and anyways else’s address. All Fauxreality did was tell me thanks and apologize for the misunderstanding. She said she would take down the blogs and she did for awhile.

    I have no idea why they are back up again. She and I never spoke again despite Mojo thinking I am in some kind of cohorts with Fauxreality. As I expected Fauxreality posted the emails. Both emails were put together. I honestly did not think Mojo would get so mad about it. I REALLY did not think she would see it as some kind of betrayal. The reason is because they were both public at once. Another reason is because she forwarded them to several fans, two of the receivers turned out to be spies for Fauxreality. She probably already seen the emails before but didn’t post them because it would give away the spies. Plus, MOJO said nothing wrong in the emails. She was helping me gain money for our lawsuit. All it did was prove she did not really donate 8,000. That’s it!

    Still, I was attacked by several people on Thanksgiving weekend for betraying Mojo and befriending Fauxreality. Now, I find out she is suppose to be suing me? SMH

    And that my friends is how I learned never to get involved with other peoples business. I am still mentoring teens. I still run several programs helping women and children, animals, people in recovery, married couples, and those battling PTSD. I have not had any trouble with cyber-bullying or online harassment since this incident. I do still talk to several people I met during that time once in awhile. I learned a lot during the time. The one thing I took away from it all was the experience of knowing what it felt like to be under attack. I now know how hard it is to choose if you want to be a victim or you want to make a stand.

    I chose to take a stand. I didn’t give up even when others ran. I still won’t and that’s one reason Rise & Stand is as strong as it is. People will believe what they want after reading this. More accusations will probably be made but at the end of the day I know the truth in my heart. None of it will stop me from making a positive impact in this world.

    Love you all! God Bless,

    Kitty McCaffery

    A couple things I want to point out to refresh memories:

    Do you see anywhere here where I said I needed to keep the 1k for my husbands medical bills? I was still focused on getting the lawyer.

    Do you see anywhere here where I said I needed to keep the 1k for my husbands medical bills? I was still focused on getting the lawyer.

    Not even asking for help just letting her know what I am going through because of the lie about 8k

    Not even asking for help just letting her know what I am going through because of the lie about 8k

  • My Opinion on the Confederate Flag


    Since I am from the south, a Georgia girl born at Fort Benning, my friends and clients are asking me what my thoughts and feelings are on banning the Confederate Flag. Instead of answering everyone separately I decided to write a blog hoping to educate as many as people possible.

    I believe it should be illegal for schools to teach students utter lies. Too many teachers are teaching students their opinion rather than facts. Since we allowed this to go on far too long, the majority of American students minds are warped by false teachings. Unfortunately, uneducated parents are of no help in correcting the false teachings and that is how hatred is spread throughout young hearts.

    I am a firm believer that if just raw truth was taught to our youth there would be less gangs & clans sweeping the nation. I blame the Government, school board and political leaders for allowing this propaganda to take place. They will not stop it though because it is working exactly how they are wanting it to. Divide and conquer has always been the goal. Don’t let them fool you.

    When you think about the history of the confederate flag, what thoughts first come to mind. A recent survey showed most people think of the 1861-1865 Civil War and they believe whole-heartedly that it was over slavery. The most common answer people will give is that the southerners wanted to keep slaves and the northerners wanted to free them. They believe the flag stands for hate against black people and whoever owns  flag is racist.

    You may remember why the pilgrims left England and then Holland, to come to America in the first place. They were trying to break ties with the Catholic church and have religious freedom. They were also tired of working so hard and being poorly paid for it. Most of the Pilgrims were living in poverty. Their children were becoming rebellious and taking on Dutch culture. Teens were running away and abandoning all their parents taught them. These children who were brought up God-fearing and following the commandments were now using drugs, drinking, and having sex at very young ages.

    This was too much for the Pilgrims so they decided to make the big leap and travel to America. The Pilgrims started the American dream. Religious freedom, an honest living, fair trade, and truly owning what belonged to you, were just some of the goals. Yes, some of them did it in nasty unchristian like ways by killing natives. However, not all of them were like that and were able to share the land by trade, respect, and understanding.

    From the beginning of time there has been slaves. Most of the new wealthy Americans were content with their European servants who traded their freedom for a certain period of years so they could one day live free in America.

    However, the American population was pretty small and there was lots of work to do to make this a thriving country. The people began hauling slaves in from all over. Some were here because they were taken captive and some were here on exchange willfully hoping to become an American.

    For those of you that were taught that only the south owned slaves, that is a ball faced lie! The Northern civilians owned black slaves before the war, during the war, and well after.

    The war did not began over slavery. The war was started over money. Simple as that. The Northern civilians started trying to take over. The Government was starting to get out of control by greed. The Southern civilians started the Secession trying to withdraw themselves from the Union. They were in fear of losing their rights all over again and going back to a state of poverty. They did not want to lose all they had worked so hard for.

    There were several people in the north that understood the southern people. President Lincoln was asked, “Why not let the South go in peace?” On record Lincoln replied, “I can’t let them go. Who would pay the Government?” President Lincoln believed letting the South go would be financial ruin for the Government so he waged war against them.

    Keep in mind, during the Civil War, most Union Generals owned black slaves. Many of them did not free their slaves till they were forced long after the war. When U.S. Grant was asked why he would not free his slaves, he said, “Good help is hard to come by these days.” For those who don’t know, U.S. Grant was a Union General. However, Confederate General Robert E. Lee, freed his slaves that were inherited to him several years before the war was over.

    There is literally thousands of proof that the Southern civilians and leaders freed their slaves way before the Northerners did. Some Southerners were so apt to make a point that they were not “racist”,  they freed their slaves during the most fearsome and gruesome parts of the war. The blacks were so sick of the Northerners using racism to tear down the south that a huge majority of them fought alongside their white families.

    Another major fact I want people to remember is that they famous “Emancipation Proclamation” by President Lincoln only freed slaves in the south but not the north! The north did not free their slaves till well after the war in 1901 when slavery was finally outlawed.

    The Confederate flag was just one of the 4 flags flown during the Civil War. It was never even a National flag of Confederacy. Pretty much, people just liked the look of the flag and carried it during war as a symbol of Confederacy.

    So why is the Confederate flag looked at like a symbol of racism? Because, just like we are seeing today, people taught lies about the Civil War. The misinformation was put into the hearts of some evil folks who ran with it. White supremacy was born and groups like the KKK. These jackasses used the Confederate flag as their decor doing nothing but ruining the true meaning of it.

    Since a small part of the world population used this flag in a bad way does that mean it should be banned? These groups also used the American flag frequently. They used trees to kill innocent people. They used fires to gather around and do their chants. They use skulls and cross-bones on the majority of their logos. The list goes on and on so I guess we need to ban all that stuff too.

    Why are people so happy with sitting by and letting more and more of our freedom get taken way from us? Why are Americans so weak anymore that they would rather go with the flow then stand for something? People can play on their phones for hours on end but won’t take a few minutes to educate themselves before joining the masses.

    Come on people you are being played like sheep led to the slaughter. It’s time we all stop listening to the lies we are fed and start thinking for ourselves. I know the majority of you do it because you don’t want to be seen as a bad person. Standing up against hate and racism is a great thing! The cost is just losing a bit if American history and allowing people to believe the south has always been racist. No biggie right? At least you look like a hate free person. Only problem is what you are really doing is fueling more and more hate. Stop it!

    That is my opinion. Feel free to email me any questions at me@kittymccaffery.com

    Love you all!