• My Opinion on the Confederate Flag


    Since I am from the south, a Georgia girl born at Fort Benning, my friends and clients are asking me what my thoughts and feelings are on banning the Confederate Flag. Instead of answering everyone separately I decided to write a blog hoping to educate as many as people possible.

    I believe it should be illegal for schools to teach students utter lies. Too many teachers are teaching students their opinion rather than facts. Since we allowed this to go on far too long, the majority of American students minds are warped by false teachings. Unfortunately, uneducated parents are of no help in correcting the false teachings and that is how hatred is spread throughout young hearts.

    I am a firm believer that if just raw truth was taught to our youth there would be less gangs & clans sweeping the nation. I blame the Government, school board and political leaders for allowing this propaganda to take place. They will not stop it though because it is working exactly how they are wanting it to. Divide and conquer has always been the goal. Don’t let them fool you.

    When you think about the history of the confederate flag, what thoughts first come to mind. A recent survey showed most people think of the 1861-1865 Civil War and they believe whole-heartedly that it was over slavery. The most common answer people will give is that the southerners wanted to keep slaves and the northerners wanted to free them. They believe the flag stands for hate against black people and whoever owns  flag is racist.

    You may remember why the pilgrims left England and then Holland, to come to America in the first place. They were trying to break ties with the Catholic church and have religious freedom. They were also tired of working so hard and being poorly paid for it. Most of the Pilgrims were living in poverty. Their children were becoming rebellious and taking on Dutch culture. Teens were running away and abandoning all their parents taught them. These children who were brought up God-fearing and following the commandments were now using drugs, drinking, and having sex at very young ages.

    This was too much for the Pilgrims so they decided to make the big leap and travel to America. The Pilgrims started the American dream. Religious freedom, an honest living, fair trade, and truly owning what belonged to you, were just some of the goals. Yes, some of them did it in nasty unchristian like ways by killing natives. However, not all of them were like that and were able to share the land by trade, respect, and understanding.

    From the beginning of time there has been slaves. Most of the new wealthy Americans were content with their European servants who traded their freedom for a certain period of years so they could one day live free in America.

    However, the American population was pretty small and there was lots of work to do to make this a thriving country. The people began hauling slaves in from all over. Some were here because they were taken captive and some were here on exchange willfully hoping to become an American.

    For those of you that were taught that only the south owned slaves, that is a ball faced lie! The Northern civilians owned black slaves before the war, during the war, and well after.

    The war did not began over slavery. The war was started over money. Simple as that. The Northern civilians started trying to take over. The Government was starting to get out of control by greed. The Southern civilians started the Secession trying to withdraw themselves from the Union. They were in fear of losing their rights all over again and going back to a state of poverty. They did not want to lose all they had worked so hard for.

    There were several people in the north that understood the southern people. President Lincoln was asked, “Why not let the South go in peace?” On record Lincoln replied, “I can’t let them go. Who would pay the Government?” President Lincoln believed letting the South go would be financial ruin for the Government so he waged war against them.

    Keep in mind, during the Civil War, most Union Generals owned black slaves. Many of them did not free their slaves till they were forced long after the war. When U.S. Grant was asked why he would not free his slaves, he said, “Good help is hard to come by these days.” For those who don’t know, U.S. Grant was a Union General. However, Confederate General Robert E. Lee, freed his slaves that were inherited to him several years before the war was over.

    There is literally thousands of proof that the Southern civilians and leaders freed their slaves way before the Northerners did. Some Southerners were so apt to make a point that they were not “racist”,  they freed their slaves during the most fearsome and gruesome parts of the war. The blacks were so sick of the Northerners using racism to tear down the south that a huge majority of them fought alongside their white families.

    Another major fact I want people to remember is that they famous “Emancipation Proclamation” by President Lincoln only freed slaves in the south but not the north! The north did not free their slaves till well after the war in 1901 when slavery was finally outlawed.

    The Confederate flag was just one of the 4 flags flown during the Civil War. It was never even a National flag of Confederacy. Pretty much, people just liked the look of the flag and carried it during war as a symbol of Confederacy.

    So why is the Confederate flag looked at like a symbol of racism? Because, just like we are seeing today, people taught lies about the Civil War. The misinformation was put into the hearts of some evil folks who ran with it. White supremacy was born and groups like the KKK. These jackasses used the Confederate flag as their decor doing nothing but ruining the true meaning of it.

    Since a small part of the world population used this flag in a bad way does that mean it should be banned? These groups also used the American flag frequently. They used trees to kill innocent people. They used fires to gather around and do their chants. They use skulls and cross-bones on the majority of their logos. The list goes on and on so I guess we need to ban all that stuff too.

    Why are people so happy with sitting by and letting more and more of our freedom get taken way from us? Why are Americans so weak anymore that they would rather go with the flow then stand for something? People can play on their phones for hours on end but won’t take a few minutes to educate themselves before joining the masses.

    Come on people you are being played like sheep led to the slaughter. It’s time we all stop listening to the lies we are fed and start thinking for ourselves. I know the majority of you do it because you don’t want to be seen as a bad person. Standing up against hate and racism is a great thing! The cost is just losing a bit if American history and allowing people to believe the south has always been racist. No biggie right? At least you look like a hate free person. Only problem is what you are really doing is fueling more and more hate. Stop it!

    That is my opinion. Feel free to email me any questions at me@kittymccaffery.com

    Love you all!


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    For those of you out there living under a rock that haven’t heard of the challenge you can read about it on ALS Association website

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