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Katrina M McCaffery, known as Kitty McCaffery, was born in Fort Benning, Georgia but her parents relocated soon after her birth to Auburndale Florida.  Kitty was raised up in a strict Christian household with her mother, who is now part of R.I.S.E. & Stand’s treasury, and her step dad who is owner of Bass Striker Lures. Her biological Father was not in her life until she was 16.

From the outside, the family looked like the all-American cookie cutter family people respected but on the inside, Kitty dealt with her fair share of domestic abuse. Her bipolar stepfather also suffered from high anxiety. This seemed to make him think he could abuse out of anger or frustration and get away with it. Sadly, it worked because it was not rare for HRS to make visits to Kitty’s household because of calls from the school or a family member.

The verbal, mental, and physical abused continued until Kitty’s mother faced her fears and left her stepfather in 2007, long after Kitty had moved away from home. At the age of 13, Kitty’s stepfather pulled her out of middle school to work at his sports shop. Her father was also a professional bass angler champion and her mother worked hard long hours as a server. This made hard for Kitty’s father to run his sports shop. So with a few lies, some manipulation and help from fishing buddies, Kitty’s father managed to put Kitty to work full time at the sports job. By the age of just 14 Kitty was trained how to run the business, sales, inventory, shipping, the books, everything!

While other kids were going to school getting their education and spending their weekends with friends doing what teenagers do, Kitty was working from 6am to 6pm by herself running a shop. Sure customers would ask once in awhile where her parents were but Kitty had all the stories down pat. Regular customers figured out over time what was going on but not once did anyone made a report.

For three in a half years Kitty worked between four to six days a week at the shop, educating herself in the meantime by books she bought and programs. Before she was pulled out of school, journalism was her favorite activity.  To earn some extra dollars Kitty made a deal with the owner of the Auburndale Star newspaper to write him weekly fishing articles. Within a few months, her family business grew as customers began to flood the shop before local tournaments wanting to get, “Exclusive Fishing Tips” from Kitty. To her excitement, the new customer flow had others from the family come in to help her run the store to get in on the attention.

When Kitty was 16, she met her biological father and soon moved to Georgia to live with him and his family for a while. By the time she left, Kitty was writing several articles for local newspapers including, Lakeland Ledger and News Chief. She even got to cover the Miss & little miss Polk County pageants and other major events. 

Only a few months after moving in with her biological father Kitty realized her fathers family did not want her around. To her step mom, Kitty was a reminder of her Father’s past, and to her stepsisters she was an intruder. 

Kitty did not want to go back to Florida and back to work in that stinky sports shop or back in her house of violence. Unfortunately, she did what most troubled teen does in a situation like that, she fell in love with the first cute boy interested in her and moved in with him. 

She was still goal oriented and worked both at the Redbud plant nursery in the greenhouses and afternoons at Ryan’s steakhouse as a server.  Her plans were to save off enough money to get a car and to get her own place. A year later and 12,000 saved up, Kitty was close to her dream when one morning after her boyfriend’s mom through a party, Kitty woke up to find her money stolen. 

If that was not bad enough she soon discovered she was pregnant at age 17. Continuing to be a fighter and refusing to give up, Kitty continued to work up until she went into labor at work. A couple months after she learned she was pregnant, Kitty married her boyfriend and father of her child.

After Kitty started noticing her boyfriend’s mother was able to afford a bunch of new things and a new car, Kitty and her boyfriend moved out and into her boyfriend’s Dad’s home. She never was able to prove her boyfriend’s mother (or her boyfriend) stole the money but to them it was obvious.

How nice it would be to say Kitty and her first love had a happy conclusion that lead Kitty to where she is now, but it was not so. She ex husband began to experiment with drugs and alcohol. His new addiction made it impossible for him to keep a job. By the time her first son was born, her ex husband’s addiction was out of control and leading to arrest.

Kitty had no choice but report him to Children and Families services and head back for Florida. At first he followed her and tried to make things right but in a few months was back to his old ways. Kitty filed for divorce and a restraining order. 

That is when she caught a break! One of Kitty’s Hollyweb Clients watched Kitty struggle from a far off and knew her situation. Impressed how she always remained optimistic and kind through it all, the celebrity client helped Kitty and her kids out financially and made Kitty a business partner in her clothing company!

For a couple of years Kitty helped run the clothing company using the skills she learned as a teen. The company was VERY successful and some of the top A-list celebrities and popular businesses was wearing or buying their products. 

The connections made over the years as Kitty worked side by side with this celebrity by helping run her business is what made Kitty’s Hollyweb Online company well known in the entertainment world. 

Years later Kitty met her current husband Chad McCaffery. For a short time, she lived out her fantasy being a mother, running a successful business, and schooling while married to a wonderful man. As life always seems to do, tragedy struck. Chad was epileptic. For years her husband’s seizures were dormant. Doctors thought maybe he was cured, but soon after Kitty’s fourth child was born, Chad’s seizures came back with a fury. 

After having two seizures at work, Chad’s job as superintendent over the warehouse at Go Plastics Corp was terminated. He could no longer work because he was a liability. For a year and a half, Kitty’s family struggled trying to get Chad the best healthcare with only one income. 

It was clear his seizures were not going dormant again so Chad was put on full disability requested by seven different doctors at the Emory Epilepsy Clinic in Atlanta GA. 

Chad was crushed. His career was over. For two years, Chad underwent several test and spent time in therapy. It was time for Kitty to take charge again!!

She continued to run Hollyweb Online, sold for Paparazzi jewelry, Partylite, Oregano Coffee, and even made up with her stepfather in desperate need for help. Over the years, her step father had changed his life around and re-married. He signed Kitty on as a distributor for his Bass Striker Lures company, and paid her to run his website and earn commission for online sales. 

Kitty also cleaned houses and businesses on the side for her mother’s company Central Cleaning Angels. She did anything she could to raise money for her family so her children would not have to notice much had changed. She wanted to give them a life she never had and supply them with some of the things she only dreamed of having. 

Kitty was her husband’s caretaker from the time his seizures started back; Chad’s family could not or would not be of any help. In 2009, the Social Security Administration made Kitty his legal caretaker since they could not find an affordable in home nurse. 

Temporarily Kitty’s dreams are put on hold once again, since she has to work at home and can not be away from her husband unless he’s left in someone else’s care. However, this bump in the road has not slowed Kitty down. She happily cares for her husband while raising her children. She teaches classes twice a week and schools four times a week. She runs Hollyweb Online and currently manages 26 clients while also running her non-profit R.I.S.E. & STAND where she mentors womens & teens who have been through situations like her own. Her organization is tremendously successful and recently teamed us with Pacer. Kitty is also a professional singer and sings often with her sister Selena. Kitty is working with some of the best artist around the world to create an inspiration album. 

That is why she will forever be known as a Mompreneur in the eyes of her friends and family. None of us knows how she does it but she does. Kitty also does everything with a smile on her face. She is one of the most loving, caring, giving women I know. People have tried to put her down and stand in her way but she does not let it falter her because their words mean nothing when she looks into the happy loving faces of her beautiful children.


Written by: Mary B. With help from Selena Flesher and Lily Ruiz.

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